Do they need to be cut and blended before wearing them?

Most of the time, yes they do need to be cut and blended before wearing them. When you receive your halo it’ll be 20 inches| 16 inches long...which is very long. Most girls hair is between 10-16 inches. So in these cases you’ll need to have the halo cut to the length you want.

The shorter you trim the halo the thicker it will become making it look more natural. Another thing to consider is because the hair on your halo is all the one length you'll most likely need to add layers to it so that it blends and looks like your own hair.

This can depend on how the ends of your own hair transition into the halo too. Thick blunt ends aren't ideal so you may need to alter your own hair, whereas thin wispy ends blend in really well with the halo making it super easy to blend and look natural.