We ship orders all around the world. And we ship for FREE (on all orders over AUD $150).

Free shipping means that we cover the shipping charges only. Duties, taxes and brokerage fees from carriers for international orders are not included in your order amount at checkout. If your shipping address is outside of Australia or USA you may need to pay for customs fees to import your order to your country. See International Taxes & Duties below.

All our products are shipped from Victoria, Australia and Florida, USA. We ship Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. Once we have received your order, we'll normally ship within hours, but may need up to 3 working days (conservatively speaking) to process the details and dispatch them to you regardless of which shipping option you choose. This process can take a little longer during key sales periods.

After that, here's roughly how long it will take (please note these are estimated times only, and we cannot guarantee delivery times under any circumstances):

Regular shipping: 3-5 business days* from dispatch. FREE.
Express shipping: 1-3 business days* (normally 2 days) depending on where you are. Only $19.95.

Regular shipping: 4-7 business days* from dispatch. FREE.
Express shipping: 1-4 business days* from dispatch. Only $29.95 AUD.

Regular shipping: 3-5 business days* from dispatch. FREE.
Express Shipping: 1-3 business days* from dispatch. Only $29.95 AUD.

Regular shipping: 5-10 business days* from dispatch. FREE.
Express shipping: 1-4 business days* from dispatch. Only 29.95 AUD.

Regular shipping: 5-20 business days* from dispatch. FREE.
Express shipping: 3-15 business days* from dispatch. Only $49.95 AUD.

*Please note: we ship all orders from Victoria, Australia and Florida, USA using 3rd party shipping providers. For this reason we have no control over the delivery dates and can't guarantee that your item will be delivered on or before any specific date. The shipping times provided are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. In some rare circumstances shipping times can be significantly longer than estimated. We will ship your order from whichever warehouse is closest to you - to ensure the fastest possible delivery time - except in cases where the closest warehouse is out of stock of your SKU, in which case we will ship your order from our other warehouse. This can significantly affect the delivery time of your order and may cause our original delivery estimate quoted on the product page, or the cart page, or above, or anywhere else where you may have been quoted a delivery time estimate, to be incorrect. You may not receive an updated delivery estimate unless requested. If you need your product urgently or before a specific date we strongly recommend that you order with Express Shipping and make sure you allow time for the item to be delivered. Delivery times can also be heavily affected during times of global and local crisis, or during key sales periods.
Your local customs may hold your order while they process the shipment for taxes and duties collection (if required). This can also significantly impact on the shipping times.


Sale periods like Black Friday Cyber Monday will significantly affect delivery times, and shipping delays can be inconsistent and hard to predict. We do our best to update shipping times on our website however we can't guarantee the accuracy of the information.


For customers in Italy, Chile, Spain, Germany and Hungary, your local Government Border Control may require you to provide a Fumigation Certificate (FC) or a Certificate Of Origin (COO), which are documents that are produced by the Governments where a product is manufactured. You may be required to provide your Government with one of these documents before you can receive your order. If your Government requests an FC or COO please get in touch with us and we will organise it for you. We are charged USD $90 for each of these documents and will pass the cost on to you (i.e. we do not add a margin to these). You will usually only need a Fumigation Certificate. We are working to get another warehouse set up in Europe to avoid this issue in the future.

International delivery to certain countries may take significantly longer than indicated due to customs delays, among other reasons.

Contact us at hello@sittingprettyhalohair.com to ask us about delivery date estimations.


If everything goes smoothly and your payment has cleared, then your order should be fulfilled fairly quickly! We'll e-mail you a confirmation when your order has been processed, and also when it has been dispatched for delivery. This way, you can be sure your order is on it's way, pronto!

To keep on top of your order, we'll send to you a tracking number for reference. You can follow your order's journey online if you like!

You should allow 1 - 4 days for your tracking information to show. Sometimes you'll just receive the delivery, before there's even any information online. Just in case there's a problem with your delivery, we suggest you get in touch with the courier first (details below). Get in touch with us if the estimated delivery time has elapsed.


At Sitting Pretty, we ship international packages DDU (duties and taxes unpaid). This means that international customers may be responsible for paying inbound duties and taxes to local Customs authorities. Sometimes, the courier may pay these fees in advance, on your behalf, in order to clear customs faster. You may then be required to pay these fees prior to being able to receive the delivery. The rate of these fees are applied by your country and we are unable to advise on how much they might be. This is normal for international purchases. Sitting Pretty does not collect from these incurred expenses. The customs fee is not part of the shipping fee. Shipping is charged by the courier, and customs is charged by the local government.


We want to make sure you receive your order, so make sure you enter the right shipping address and right contact name of the person who will be able to receive it. This is your responsibility.

If you make a mistake, or things change, write to us immediately at hello@sittingprettyhalohair.com and we may be able to modify your order. We can't make any promises, as we process and ship our orders as fast as possible, but we'll do our best for you!


Things go wrong sometimes. We try to ensure successful deliveries by providing you with Tracking and with Delivery Confirmation. If your item has been marked as delivered to the address, but you have not received it, please contact the couriers at the numbers provided above. You should also just double check that the address you provided to us was correct.

We cannot be held responsible when packages marked as delivered to a certain address have not been received. To avoid this, we provide our customers Registered Post / Signature on Delivery as a postage option.


Our Navidium Protection guarantees your delivery and gives you peace of mind for lost, stolen, and damaged items that fit the following criteria (see below). Please read the criteria to understand what lost, stolen, and damaged items we will cover. Please also note that 'cover' means a product replacement, not a refund.

Lost items:

  • Under circumstances where the package is presumed to be lost by the carrier, the customer should file this with us no sooner than 10 days after the last tracking update. Our team will review the situation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether a claim is eligible (mostly due to shipping delays caused by COVID restrictions). At our discretion we may ask the customer to wait for a few more days if the order is stuck or delayed.

  • In the case of invalid address or other delivery barriers our carriers might return the package to us. Therefore the package is not actually lost and will instead be resent to the customer. This may incur a fee for re-shipping if the issue occurs more than once and the issue is on the behalf of the customer (i.e. customer provided the wrong address/invalid address).

  • If the order is sent in parts, and part of the order has not arrived, a claim may be made for the part that is missing. Our team will investigate the issue to find the remaining part of the order, and may resend if needed.

  • For any packages labelled as Return To Sender (RTS) will not be covered since the order was sent back to us. RTS only happens when the customer provides the wrong address details or an undeliverable address, or if they refuse a delivery. The item will be resent to the customer, however this may incur a fee if the issue is repeated and is caused by the customer (i.e. refusing to accept delivery, providing the wrong/invalid address).

  • If an order gets stuck at customs we are unable to do anything until the customs office has cleared the parcel, which may take time and could require input from the customer. Any customs fees are to be paid by the customer.

Stolen item:

  • If the item is presumed to be stolen but the carrier claims it has been delivered, we will require you to file a police report, and then share the police report with us. We may need additional documentation (like proof of identity, address, etc.). Also note that providing a false police report is illegal. If an item is presumed stolen, you should file this with us no sooner than 7 days after the item is said by the carrier to have been delivered. This is because sometimes carriers will mark an item delivered before they actually deliver it, or a misplaced parcel may turn up within a few days (if accidentally delivered to a neighbour).

  • If a parcel is delivered to the wrong address, even though you input the correct address, we will consider this item stolen and will replace the item for the customer.

Damaged items:

  • In the case that a customer receives a broken item (an item that broke during transit), we will require photo/video proof to enable us to confirm the issue. We may request you to dispose of the item yourself (however please check with your local council about how to dispose of the item).

  • In some circumstances we may request the item to be shipped back to us.

  • An item is considered to be damaged when it is a product that is unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (when it should not be), crushed, etc. Our team will use their best judgement to determine the state of the item from the photo/video proof you have provided.

  • We do not cover items where the packaging is scratched/bent, etc. since the packaging is considered to be used to protect the product itself from damage.


  • If a customer pays for express shipping and the package is delayed, this will not be covered. Delays can be due to local COVID restrictions, supply chain issues, bad weather, or other unexpected barriers that are outside of our control.